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5 Best wine movies / shows

The 5 Best wine movies / shows

Les 5 Meilleurs films / émissions sur le vin

Lights. Camera. Wine. Action!

Lumières, Caméra, Vin, Action!




  1. Sideways (2004)

Director: Alexander Payne

Great enough to increase Pinot Noir sales in the United States and anger Merlot drinkers. When failing, depressing writer Miles (Paul Giamatti) and not-so-good actor and soon-to-be-married Jack (Thomas Haden Church) embark on a week-long bachelor’s wine tasting tour in Santa Barbara, a complex adventure begins.

Assez génial pour augmenter les ventes de Pinot Noir aux États-Unis et mettre les buveurs de Merlot en colère. L’écrivain raté Miles (Paul Giamatti) et l’acteur pas-si-bon, futur marié Jack (Thomas Haden Church)  partent pour un enterrement de vie de garçon d’une semaine de dégustation de vin à Santa Barbara, une aventure complexe commence.


  1. Sour Grapes (2016)

Director: Jerry Rothwell, Reuben Atlas

Sour Grapes investigates the most embarrassing scandal ever that rocked the world of wine collectors by leaving as many as 40,000 “fake” bottles circulating. Some of them are still being found nowadays. The surreal story of Rudy Kurniawan who faked his way into the elitist group of rich wine connoisseurs is one that shattered all of the industry worldwide.

Sour grapes enquête sur le scandale le plus embarrassant qui a secoué le monde des collectionneurs de vin en laissant jusqu’à 40 000 «fausses» bouteilles en circulation. Certaines d’entre elles sont retrouvées encore aujourd’hui. L’histoire surréaliste de Rudy Kurniawan qui a fait sa place dans le groupe riche et élitiste des connaisseurs de vin est celle qui a brisé toute l’industrie dans le monde entier.


3.Uncorked (2015)

Esquire Network

Stars: Yannick Benjamin, Dana Gaiser, Morgan Harris, Jane lopes

The Master Sommelier, the toughest wine qualification to achieve makes a lot of sommeliers dream. This documentary follows NYC based candidates through their journey, studies and preparation for this stressful examination.

Le Master Sommelier, la qualification de vin la plus difficile à réaliser, fait rêver beaucoup de sommeliers. Ce documentaire suit des candidats de new york à travers leur aventure, leurs études et leur préparation pour cet examen stressant.


  1. The wine show (2016)


Extremely addictive and beautifully shot show following two novice enthusiasts (Matthew Goode, Matthew Rhys) on a captivating journey into wine. Matt and Matt set off from their villa in the Italian countryside with a challenge. They must discover some of the best wines in Italy. With the help of wine experts Joe Fattorini and Amelia Singer they are searching great wine stories in the sweetest and most fun ways.

Season 2 is coming…


Extrêmement addictif et magnifiquement tourné, Wine show suit deux amateurs novices (Matthew Goode, Matthew Rhys) lors d’un voyage captivant autour du vin. Matt et Matt partent de leur villa dans la campagne italienne avec un défi. Ils doivent découvrir quelques-uns des meilleurs vins en Italie. Avec l’aide des experts en vin Joe Fattorini et Amelia Singer, ils sont à la recherche de grandes histoires de vin de la plus attendrissante et la plus amusante des façon.

La saison 2 arrive …


  1. Somm (2013) and Somm: into the bottle (2016)

Director: Jason Wise

Two very different movie but you absolutely need to watch both. First one is a contest-based movie around contestant and wine appreciation, divulging all and none at the same time about the Court of master sommeliers famous red pin achievement. Second movie explore what is wine and why does it matter over 10 themes. The progression between the two is interesting and I can’t wait to watch the third.

Deux films très différents, mais vous avez absolument besoin de regarder les deux. Le premier est un film basé sur les concurrents et l’appréciation du vin, en divulguant tout et rien en même temps sur le Court of master Sommeliers et la célèbre épingle rouge. Le deuxième film explore ce qu’est le vin et pourquoi importe-t-il en 10 thèmes. La progression entre les deux est intéressante et je suis impatiente de visionner le troisième.

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asac logo Asi-Association-de-la-Sommellerie-Internationale

After completing the course of your choice, maybe even find your dream job, you may want further accreditation. The Canadian Association of Professional Sommeliers (CAPS) is a pan-Canadian association, which brings together individuals within the sommelier profession, restaurant services, and other sectors of the wine industry. As a student or an accredited sommelier you may join the community of professionals and wine lovers, participate in activities and enjoy benefits such as invitation to events, easy networking, promotions, etc.

CAPS is affiliated with the Association de la Sommellerie Internationale (ASI) headquartered in Paris and counting 52 member and 3 observer countries.

The presence of Canadian Sommeliers on the International scene such as participation in the annual Best Sommelier of the World Competition and other international gathering is imperative to promote and keep international-level standards of performance.

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International Montreal Butler Academy

International Montreal Butler Academy – IMBA


An icon of high standards, the all new International Montreal Butler Academy may as well be considered the very high end of education and could be the superior alternative to a wine course. The word butler is derived from the French word “bouteiller” which meant the person in charge of transferring the barrelled wine from the cask in the cellar to a bottle for service. The butler was also considered the cellar master in a household. Proper service and house maintenance does require many skills, knowledge of high end and luxurious demands and adequate poise and attire. IMBA aims to raise the level of competence of professionals as well as pursue a search for excellence.

The program is an intensive, immersive, 8 weeks session. It includes a tailored wine course that focuses on Grands Crus, impressive bottles and proper Porto service. Also, in addition to dining room skills, protocol and etiquette, students will learn estate and staff management, basics to cooking and classic chauffeur training from a Bentley/ Rolls-Royce Chauffeur. It is a versatile and complete program that is the definition of high standards and professionalism.

Dedication, commitment, passion and quest for excellence are prerequisites to be part of the first cohort of IMBA. This course is truly on another level.

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Sommelerie ASP/DEP

Sommellerie ASP/DEP


Many professional and accommodation schools offer their own take on a wine program. This can be an interesting option for sommeliers to be but I would recommend some precautions. There’re some advantages but also some disadvantages. First of all, this sort of program is offered profusely in many different institutions and although they may seem similar, the learning experience can be diverse. Between one and the other, you may end up with completely different formation. One way to make sure of what you get into would be to research both the schools and the assigned Professor. Research the backgrounds that lead to the addition to this course and also ask for feedbacks from previous students and see where they are now. Be sure to check the course schedule, the best schools will offer many very interesting encounters with professionals and winemakers as well as educative tastings regularly.

Secondly, an observation that’s often share with me is gaps in knowledge and standards. While course providers such as WSET and CMS demands extremely cunning expertise, ASP and DEP can seem like an overview of the material.

However, what this type of course can do for a student is perfectly prepare him for work. I find a couple of months in a professional school to be equivalent to work experience. Besides tasting and theory, most of the course is dedicated to useful day to day skills such as elaborate a wine list, offer guidance to clients or managing a cellar. It makes the whole process of looking for a job way easier. The career of a sommelier, in many cases, has change a lot and often encompasses several positions at once and I get a feeling that students from professional schools are comfortable with the multitasking aspect.

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International Sommelier Guild

International Sommelier Guild (ISG)


Established in 1982, the ISG has grown from its North American roots to become a truly global provider of Sommelier education and certification. Based on a three levels classifications, Basic level 1 or 2 and a diploma, offers global approach to the wine world with fundamental knowledge in sale and service. Among the instructors are chefs, restaurant owners, hospitality consultants, wine directors, importers, distributors, and retailers which can completely transform your learning experience. The diploma is 9 month long and gives students the opportunity to build their own wine program and inventory from scratch for practice. Although it is a big achievement to succeed, on its own, it might feel light on a resumé.