Sommelier formations

What’s your standard?

In the service and wine industry there’s a term that you may hear quite often, Standards. It is linked to some level of quality, but whether low or high, it doesn’t have any definite criteria. Even so, the service standards of a professional have the power to make or break an establishment. Way too often, I find myself at a table of well-acclaimed restaurant, of inventive chefs, of gastronomic institution, then a sommelier comes with bad advices, bad attitude, false indication, and the whole experience collapses. In the other hand, if the service was on point, a simple dish can become memorable. Why does such disparity in quality of work exist?
Well, one hypothesis could be the disparity of formation. Between a master sommelier and a student just out of some sommelerie ASP or DEP, a whole world separates them. Before building a career in your passion, you might want to be careful which path you choose or which courses is right for you.
I’ve prepared a series of writings on the different wine course available that I’m aware of, the differences between them and which goal each of them can help you achieve.

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