International Montreal Butler Academy

International Montreal Butler Academy – IMBA


An icon of high standards, the all new International Montreal Butler Academy may as well be considered the very high end of education and could be the superior alternative to a wine course. The word butler is derived from the French word “bouteiller” which meant the person in charge of transferring the barrelled wine from the cask in the cellar to a bottle for service. The butler was also considered the cellar master in a household. Proper service and house maintenance does require many skills, knowledge of high end and luxurious demands and adequate poise and attire. IMBA aims to raise the level of competence of professionals as well as pursue a search for excellence.

The program is an intensive, immersive, 8 weeks session. It includes a tailored wine course that focuses on Grands Crus, impressive bottles and proper Porto service. Also, in addition to dining room skills, protocol and etiquette, students will learn estate and staff management, basics to cooking and classic chauffeur training from a Bentley/ Rolls-Royce Chauffeur. It is a versatile and complete program that is the definition of high standards and professionalism.

Dedication, commitment, passion and quest for excellence are prerequisites to be part of the first cohort of IMBA. This course is truly on another level.