Sommelerie ASP/DEP

Sommellerie ASP/DEP


Many professional and accommodation schools offer their own take on a wine program. This can be an interesting option for sommeliers to be but I would recommend some precautions. There’re some advantages but also some disadvantages. First of all, this sort of program is offered profusely in many different institutions and although they may seem similar, the learning experience can be diverse. Between one and the other, you may end up with completely different formation. One way to make sure of what you get into would be to research both the schools and the assigned Professor. Research the backgrounds that lead to the addition to this course and also ask for feedbacks from previous students and see where they are now. Be sure to check the course schedule, the best schools will offer many very interesting encounters with professionals and winemakers as well as educative tastings regularly.

Secondly, an observation that’s often share with me is gaps in knowledge and standards. While course providers such as WSET and CMS demands extremely cunning expertise, ASP and DEP can seem like an overview of the material.

However, what this type of course can do for a student is perfectly prepare him for work. I find a couple of months in a professional school to be equivalent to work experience. Besides tasting and theory, most of the course is dedicated to useful day to day skills such as elaborate a wine list, offer guidance to clients or managing a cellar. It makes the whole process of looking for a job way easier. The career of a sommelier, in many cases, has change a lot and often encompasses several positions at once and I get a feeling that students from professional schools are comfortable with the multitasking aspect.